I see the phrases “healthy skin” and “clear skin” thrown around, used synonymously–by beauty and skincare bloggers, by celebrities, by magazines and media, by other writers, and by young people as young as 9 years old. It’s become the basic belief among most people, at times even including myself, that skin must be clear to be healthy. Mythbusters 101: this is not the case.

Blemishes, acne, blackheads, rosacea, uneven texture and tone do not make your skin unhealthy. Acne is a condition of the skin, specifically inflammation of the pores. Blemishes and texture and darker spots are parts of our skin; they happen.

Typically these things are viewed in a very negative light, causing self esteem problems and often teasing or the idea that people with these conditions are less beautiful than people with clear (or airbrushed) skin. And this typically leads to people thinking that these conditions mean your skin is not healthy, and that skin must be clear, refined, free of scarring and poreless to be healthy. That’s the myth I’m busting here.

While in some cases, people with acne or other skin conditions may have unhealthy skin, it does not mean that their skin is unhealthy because of it. The bare minimum that skin needs to be healthy is to be cleansed twice a day, toned, and then moisturized. If you’re using the right products (drugstore or high-end) for your skin type and skin conditions, drinking water, and wearing sunscreen daily, then your skin is healthy. It does not have to be visibly clear to be clean, balanced, soft, and protective.

It took me awhile to realize all of this. I’ve spent years believing my skin was unhealthy just because it isn’t perfect; I’ve spent years chasing “perfect” skin. But it doesn’t exist! Healthy skin is much more important than clear skin, and though it’s going to take awhile for that fact to sink in, I know it’s true. For everyone struggling with any of these skin conditions and for anyone who thinks they’re unhealthy for it, you aren’t.

Chase healthy skin first.

**Special thank you to @fairyfreja on IG for the inspiration for this post. ♥


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